Friday, August 29, 2008

Made It.

I didn't relate the results of our meeting with Jim Demonakos on Wednesday night. Sorry. Jim's been a friend for almost a decade, and has signed onto the Duo production as an associate producer, in an effort to help secure interest, resources and perhaps investment in the film. He gave us some excellent suggestions, and Dan & I both felt like meeting with Jim and bringing him on-board was a great step in the right direction.

Yesterday was a roller coaster, for sure. For whatever reason, Matt's absence was felt more acutely this year. For me, I think it was because I want to be able to share these amazing new changes in my life, and can't. He's been gone 36 years and I still miss him. Funny how that works. Maybe I miss the potential that was Matt, or the memory of our brief time together, and the dynamic personality and intelligence that was already manifesting when he made his exit.

I mean, how can you really miss someone you only knew for a couple years, right?

Wrong. If he was your brother, or your son, you miss him. Time is not a factor.

I was propped up by contact with friends and family, and had the distraction of watching history being made last night.

It's been a really profound and emotionally exhausting week, and I'm looking forward to hosting my second football party of the year tonight, with good food, good friends and maybe* some alcohol. And some girlfriend time for the long weekend.

* No "maybe" about it. We're seeing out summer with margaritas and daiquiris.


Dee said...

Missing our loved ones no longer with us - sucks, doesn't it? I do agree that part of it is the "what might have been or what could have been." Or better yet, "what SHOULD have been." They should still be here with us. Oh well - we don't get to decide that, do we? I don't think you ever stop missing them, some days are just harder than others.
On a lighter note, yay for margaritas and daiquiries! Yay for football parties!

Ali said...

I get it. Michael's little brother died 25 years ago this Christmas Eve. Since Michael died Jeff's death at just 17 has seemed even more wrong. It's complicated this missing people thing.


Anonymous said...

This may seem strange, Todd... particularly since I never met him at all...

But I miss him, too.