Friday, August 1, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie Head

As a forty year-old follicly-challenged male, I have tried to do everything within my power to keep my scalp clean and pores unclogged, if only to give what hair I do have a fighting chance for life. In that vein, I have for the past few years used a variety of tea tree oil shampoos and conditioners, as they really keep the ol' noggin clean. And as anyone who's used tea tree shampoo knows, they often use mint as a complimentary ingredient, as it has a cool, bracing effect on the scalp.

So I rotated out my old tea tree shampoo and conditioner a couple days ago, and rotated in a new brand I found. As expected, mint is the complimenting ingredient. Unfortunately, the recipe they've used ends up making my head smell like Thin Mints. You know, the Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies.

All I can think of is Power Chick from The Specials saying, "I'd be YUMMY then..."

There was a study on olfactory response in women that determined that the smell of pumpkin pie was the most likely to turn a woman on. I think the study may have been funded by Sara Lee. We shall see if the Thin Mint scent is a good thing or a bad thing. I'll let Raechelle be the judge. Who knows? It's chocolate, it's mint, she might think it's hawt.


Raechelle said... you don't actually have girl scout cookies? Sheesh.

I look forward to smellin' yer head, babe.

markbruno said...

Who can resist a man dressed in a unitard with a minty fresh scalp?

creth95 said...

In a UNITARD? I would say most straight women could resist that. Out of it, with the yummy minty scalp, however, only dirty mint-hating communists would let that action go. I'd for one would hit it. I'd even hit a dirty communist if they had a nice clean minty scalp. But shhhh...I kinda like communists. A republican, on the other hand? Well, only with a nice minty scalp. Maybe. OK, probably not.

(this comment brought to you by the word verification "pnyls." Whoa! That, I'm thinking is "penis" pronounced by Cindy Brady. Or Cindy Brady with a mouthful of penis. Whoa again!)

TD said...

Man, you gotta lay off the Absolut.

Raechelle said...

Oh my gawd.
I will never look at Cindy Brady the same way again.