Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Curiouser and Curiouser

With Kayleigh at her camp out birthday party, Tyler freshly showered and hanging in his room playing Gary's Mod and Raechelle hanging with her friend Jamie, I suddenly found myself having a quiet, relaxing evening more or less alone. Since I'm a parent 24/7, a little downtime is nice once in awhile.

Except I would've preferred to be out shooting some pool and/or drinking.

Oh well.

I finished the dinner I hardly touched the previous night and watched Coach Carter. Ashanti was riveting. Yes, I'm kidding. Then I figured I should try and get through my other Netflix and made it through half an hour of the CG animated TMNT before I got totally disinterested and put in the Vietnam morality play knows as Casualties of War. Only made it through half of that before I became disenchanted with the operatic overacting. Surprising, since we're talking Sean Penn, Michael J. Fox, John C. Reilly, John Leguizamo and Ving Rhames. And directed by Brian DePalma. Really??

Fortunately I only had to sit through a few minutes of a South Park rerun before The Girl called. And in the middle of that conversation my other girl called (the ten year old at the camp out), just to say goodnight. Very sweet. Back to the first Girl - we made a plan for tonight. A plan that has gone through several iterations and changes of mind.

For my readers-who-haven't-read-all-of-Raechelle's-blog-'s benefit, in her old group of friends there is/was a tradition of getting together and playing music. Guitar Night. Raechelle's ex was involved, the Sheauns were involved, and a host of others. As happens with any group of friends, some folks move away, some drift away, and when the group imploded last year, Guitar Night sort of went away. That's a grossly oversimplified version of the story, but it must suffice unless Raechelle wants to give you more detail.

So apparently someone from the old group is back in town, and Rae's "big brother" Shaun arranged for a Guitar Night reunion. And we were invited. And while that's a huge nod of approval from Shaun, there was still some ickiness on Rae's side (for reasons I won't go into here), so we had decided not to go, and just have a quiet dinner with the two of us. Then she apparently got over her ickiness (or maybe it was the wine with Jamie), and we're doing dinner AND Guitar Night. Except that we have left ourselves The Out, if needed. I personally think it's a great opportunity to establish us as a couple with people from her old group, most of whom only know of me through her description (and you all know I'm much more impressive in real life). But just the same, I think no more than an hour - 'cause you know I have to get back and pick up my kids.

Tried to go to bed at 11, but was again kept up by Vandals Part 2. This time, I called the cops. Twice. With basic descriptions from an admittedly inferior vantage point. But at least I saw them this time. Two Caucasian males in hoodies on the roof of the new construction next to the State building. throwing bottles and sundry other breakable objects into the parking lot. I hope they got 'em this time.

Just booked our transportation to the airport. Towncar/limo service isn't much more expensive than a shuttle, and is specifically for you and your schedule. I learned that from my girlfriend. She's so smart. S-M-R-T.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

You flying into SFO or San Jo? I could pick you up at the latter and play shuttlebug if needed.

This post brought to you by the veriword "lllkdhb", the sound of a cheetah being smothered by a rhino, apparently. Who knew?