Monday, August 25, 2008


  • Tried to stay off the leg today. Didn't really work too well. I'm a bad patient, especially when I'm also the doctor.
  • I was supposed to get a doctor's appointment and a dentist appointment today. I did neither, completely distracted by my stupid leg. I suck.
  • Supposed to go to a meet-n-greet for our realtor (my mom and stepdad are coming down for it) but between the thunderstorm and the leg, I think I may just hole up on the sofa and watch the Hawks/Chargers game. In any case, it's a literal pain to drive my car right now because of the multiple muscle strains in my clutch leg. I thought it was just a twisted ankle initially, but driving to get coffee this morning told me otherwise.
  • Watched The Audience Strikes Back, and fielded a couple phone calls from Dan, apologizing. It's a good premise that is unfortunately haphazardly directed and goes off the rails halfway through. It was really fun watching Dan, and surreal seeing OA's Brittany Quist as a blonde bombshell.
  • Did I mention thunderstorm?
  • Feeling really "bleh" and I need to see to some food for the kids if we're not going to the meet-n-greet.
  • Big stuff coming up this week, like an OA series dev meeting, a school meeting regarding Tyler, and a big football party.
  • Did I mention "bleh"?

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