Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Your Bra?

Will the owner of a black Maidenform bra (size 36, no cup size given) please get in touch?

While doing laundry yesterday morning, I ran across this little boob-hammock. I told Raechelle that she'd left her bra at my place and asked if she wanted me to wash it with Kayleigh's. She just looked at me funny, saying that all of her feminine support garments were present and accounted for. Which of course led to the hilarious discussion of where this thing had come from.

Oh yes, there were questions. In retrospect, since the rebuild was finished, two women had been de-bra'ed within my home in a romantic context. But the last one was back in November, and I thought I'd gone through the geological strata of my laundry pile at least once or twice since then.

Then I remembered. It hadn't been discovered in the laundry pile originally. Some time ago, I'd found a bra in my upstairs half-bath and moved it down to the laundry pile. So it must have come from a friend who changed in my upstairs bathroom and left it. Which, in further retrospect, could have been any of a half-dozen actresses during the Ordinary Angels shoot.

So Dan, if this belongs to Trish, it was totally work-related. I swear.


Raechelle said...

Nice guy, my butt. You're such a tramp.

Hmmm...that's kinda hot....

tbone said...

Oh, I'm fully aware how it looks. Formerly single widower finds a random bra in his laundry and can't remember who it belongs to.

[nervous chuckle]