Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Wrap-Up

Saw this great sign outside the White Center Bartell's on the way to pick up Raechelle from the airport on Thursday night. Apparently the price of food is skyrocketing. Two cashews for $500, EBT accepted. We were wondering if they have a layaway plan. Because really, you'd want two nuts and not just one (that's true in most every case imaginable). They must be really good cashews, like made of diamonds and sex.

Hung out with Raechelle pretty much the whole weekend. It really made up for the time apart. Friday we ran some errands, did some shopping, ate some food, dropped the kids with Gavin for a few hours and just chilled by ourselves awhile, watched some Firefly.

Saturday we had a late lunch, Trish & Dan stopped by with pics from their first West Seattle house-hunting expedition, I picked up Rae's vacation photos at the very Bartell's featured in the pics above. If you remember, she left her digital camera at my place before she took off to WV, so she returned with a little disposable box camera. I burned her a photo CD so she could use 'em in her forthcoming recap blog post. We hustled down to the West Seattle street fair, met Rae's friends Daniela and Sergio and their (extremely cute) boys. Listened to some bands, then went to Mashiko for - wait for it - sushi. As many of you know, I'm not a huge seafood fan, nor can I actually have any kind of mollusk or crustacean - bad results, always. But damned if I didn't actually have four Alaska rolls (salmon) and another four avocado rolls. Unfortunately, the avocado rolls shared a plate with a bunch of other shellfish, and this afternoon I started feeling it.

We got home in time to pop in Batman Begins for Raechelle, as we are going to go see The Dark Knight and she wanted to have all the background. Our eyes severely heavy, we trundled off to bed.

Today was brunch at the Charlestown Cafe with Gavin and Michelle (plus the kids, Raechelle and I), then home for a badly needed rest before heading back to the street fair to catch about three or four songs from Carrie Akre's live set. Then we moseyed down through the fair, people-watching while the kids munched Hawaiian ices and read the ubiquitous Chick tracts some dude was handing out. We ended up at Elliott Bay Brewery for dinner, where I promptly felt the stored up effects of the shellfish-tainted avocado rolls. We moseyed some more, this time to Husky Deli for the ice cream the kids wanted but which we didn't get Saturday night due to a prohibitively long line. Back home for Raechelle to pack and head back to Ballard while the sun was still high in the sky (for once).

We had many in-depth discussions and even some friction over the weekend, and we're still feeling really good about this thing. As we head in on two months of actual couple-hood, we both have a lot of hope for the future of "us".

I was hoping to hear the official word from the school psychiatrist, but it appears that Tyler took some evaluation tests and scored at grade level in math and much higher in reading and composition/writing, so much so that there's really no way they can justify holding him back a year. Looks like he's going to high school after all...

Good weekend. No, dare I say it: GREAT weekend. Off to a new week!

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