Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So I still can't mention the Really Good News in this rather public forum yet, so just hold your horses. And if you don't have any horses, find a kitty or something.

I've had zero energy today. I lay awake quite late last night, head abuzz with this new professional turn of events.

Today has mostly been laundry and a few networking calls, some texts with Dan regarding Duo budget line-items (because I live for Duo budget line-items), and trying to wrap my head around how different this place is than the place I was in three years ago (or even one year ago).

In other news, Elvis Catstello has been living out in the house with the rest of us, and Wiley Coyote Super Genius is finally starting to accept his presence and leave him alone. James Brown, the Godpig of Soul, is still kickin'.

I have no clue if anyone will understand that last paragraph.

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Anonymous said...

I gets that paragraph. The animals are rockin' the arc in a harmonious manner.