Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Productivity Without Overachievement

I was much more productive yesterday than I thought I would be. That's always nice, when you can surprise yourself.

It was still bloody hot yesterday, so I set up camp in the screening room, which is the coolest room in the upstairs half of the house. The big back window was wide open. I left the artificial light off and let the sun outside do its job. And I opened the Ordinary Angels series pilot script and got some more written. Some good material, I think.

Later on I took a break from angels and fallen, and finished a piece of music I've been working on. Two, actually. My woman fell in love with this track by The Cardigans, and I'd been working on some variants to the bar chords I have no end of trouble with. The idea is that we'll actually perform an acoustic set at some point, and she wants to do that song.

Some other stuff happening on the publishing side, and I really need to talk to my brother about it. But hey - I'll have a whole week apart from Raechelle to sort out business stuff. Speaking of the girl, I'm abducting her for lunch today, and tomorrow we're having dinner at The Swell with one of her bestest buds.


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Lucy Leadskin said...

I think you and I have switched weather patterns: now *you're* getting the heat, and *we're* 75F and breezy!