Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm With the Band

TJ Sherrill @ Hotwire North

So after dealing with a full day of stomach issues (yet still somehow able to do a load of laundry, a load of dishes and get Tyler to and from school), I decided to brave another live music night.

This time, I would be taking Raechelle and Kayleigh, an all-ages show and not ending too terribly late. I almost canceled, but thought it would be a Good Thing (TM) to get out there and support my friends. Picked Raechelle up at her place and headed up to Shoreline in the rental car. Had a quick dinner at Shari's. Even though I was starving, I could only eat a small portion of the giant plate of comfort food. I did drink about 4 Sprites, which helped settle me some.

Mmmmm. Leather chairs.

Got to the Hotwire North just before the show. Talked with Kyle about Duo and not only his track but also about him producing Raechelle's song for the soundtrack. Saw Brian Meredith and his 8yo daughter. After a few songs by TJ Sherrill, we switched seats and ended up next to the stage in a couple leather chairs. Kayleigh climbed up on my lap and we cuddled through the sets. Raechelle snapped a pic of us with her phone...

TD & his little girl

Kyle Stevens @ Hotwire North

TJ and Kyle are similarly-styled singer-songwriters (the difference being Kyle also fronts a rock band). They are both talented, and really own their instruments on stage. Kyle has a bit more energy, moving around and really rockin' the ol' acoustic. And he did a cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" that rocked our balls off. Amazing cover, really.

The Hotwire Cafe, being a coffee/internet joint, provided the customary noisy, boisterous environment you'd expect, however TJ and Kyle had enough presence that I was really able to ignore the hiss of the espresso machines and coffee orders being called. It was a fine, energetic acoustic set.

Dropped Raechelle at her apartment and headed home immediately. Kayleigh collapsed in her bed, Tyler in his, and I popped online long enough to check my girl's blog (as she mentioned doing a post last night), and was happy to see this. Went to sleep calmer and more serene than I have been all week, and before my bedside clock said 10:30. Slept straight through 'til 7AM with no disturbance.

And this morning I get to drive back up to Shoreline to pick up Sportacus. Damn squirrels.

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