Thursday, July 10, 2008

Did I Actually Skip a Day??

Had a BBQ on Tuesday night with Katherine, Gavin & Michelle and the kids. Sara and Zadie arrived from France and shared some pictures and experiences, then headed home.

Wednesday was another action-packed adventure. Wrestled Tyler to school (not literally, thank God). Found out I can make bank deposits at the Alaska Federal Credit Union in my local QFC and don't have to drive halfway down California Ave. to the BECU kiosk. Which made me happy.

Caleb made an appearance in the afternoon, and we had a nice catch-up. He's taking a bartending class (which, I must say, is just the most perfect vocation for that man - the well-read poet/bartender). Let's hear it for an English degree!

Katherine came over to work in the garden. We have spinach and broccoli, among other wonders. Kayleigh was supposed to help, but she was caught up in watching Red Dwarf with her brother. Went up to Raechelle's apartment and grabbed her cough medicine for the weekend, as she doesn't anticipate sleeping there until Sunday night. Got back in time for Tyler to head to bed (at 6:30PM), and the girl called at around 7:15. We had a nice chat. She's ready to come home. I'll pick her up at the airport tonight, and this weekend we're just gonna chill. No big plans, except to take Gavin & Michelle out to dinner as a thank you for all the childcare they've been providing so we can actually date. There's more development on the Gavin/Deep7 front, but we can't make any announcements for awhile.

Yard work today, and a good hosing-down for Ruby, who has been parked in front of my house all week and is a bit on the dusty side.

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