Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Bullet List for Thursday

Things I Am Pondering.

  1. Those pics from the dual 40 birthday party make me look fatter and balder than I perceive myself to be. Crap.
  2. I don't "feel" what 40 is "supposed" to feel like. As Raechelle is so fond of saying, "I love my sixteen year-old boyfriend," whenever I say something sophomoric or raunchy. Which is often.
  3. I have always felt no older than about 25. That's when time stopped for me. So I've always felt "younger" even before I had a 33 year-old girlfriend and despite having the life experience and wisdom of an 80 year-old. People usually tell me I present younger than my chronological age, too. It seemed like I didn't even think of going gray before Sam died. Then it was like life caught up with me for a time, and I've spent the last three years beating back the clock as best I can.
  4. Other fortysomething friends have told me that this is usually the prime time, when age and wisdom meet the physical body (and as long as you take care of yourself, it can be very rewarding). I can get behind that.
  5. In two years, Tyler will be the same age I was when Sam & I got together.
  6. I will miss Raechelle while she's in WV for a week, but I'm so happy where we're at right now, and the time apart will be great perspective.
  7. The Duo stuff should be making me quake in my boots, but it's not. I feel challenged, but not intimidated.
  8. I'm getting weird hits on the blog from places like Dubai and Indonesia, as well as France and China. I know where the Australia hits are coming from (hi, Ali), but I know nobody in Dubai.
  9. I'm also getting multiple daily hits from an IP address with a masked location. Ah the intrigue!
  10. I was considering leaving a note for the blog-stalker from Raechelle's past who is now hitting mine, but I won't waste the energy (except to say "Come on, dude. Move on. She has"). And that's all I have to say about that.
  11. I want Randy to fly up and hang with us.
  12. I want to hear about my sister's trip to Paris when they get back next week.
  13. I love thunder.
  14. Wiley is being obnoxious.
  15. I need a shower. Stinky man.
Peace out.


antiem said...

Geeez. #10 sounds like a nasty comment. And you don't SOUND like a nasty person. Maybe that person is reading out of interest in Rae's happiness. I am. Also, you're an equally interesting writer! I'm for compassion.

tbone said...

Hi antiem! :)

I'm sorry if #10 sounds nasty, but it had Raechelle's approval (she thought it was funny rather than nasty), as she would like the person in question to go away.

It's a different matter than friends and family who actually communicate their interest in comments and/or private emails (like you do). I'm for compassion too, but I have no patience for creepy. :)

antiem said...

Thanks for your response, Todd. I realized later that my reaction was in part because of a separate experience with a child thinking his/her mother was spying because she found out about a serious accident the grown kid had been in from a myspace page. I wonder sometimes, don't bloggers and myspacers realize these are public? On another note, I hope you two have good long distance or cell phone plans!