Friday, June 27, 2008

Well Then...

Weird day yesterday. Did some financial forensics for my accountant, finally got the taxes handled. I know most people don't take this long to do theirs, but keep in mind that I'm a mutant. Multiple streams of passive income + investment income + small business = lots of niggly little financial record-keeping exercises. I think last year I didn't get everything filed until October, so this year ain't too bad.

Took lunch to Raechelle and got a bit more sun on my ever-broadening forehead than I'd intended. Hit the aloe when I got home. Kayleigh and I went to the bank to make a deposit, then we walked over to Easy Street (because I like to support my local independent record store), and I picked up the new Coldplay. I've always liked them, but this album is amazing - thank you Brian Eno!

Then K and I went to Target and Marshall's to get her a summer outfit and me some pants that better fit my shrinking waistline. When I was taking care of Sam for the last year of her life, I had ballooned to almost 300lbs from inactivity and comfort eating. Even at that weight, at my largest ever, I still wore a 42 waist (much smaller than some). Since I carry my fat well-distributed all over, it's even more impressive to me that I'm now wearing a 38 waist (and down under a deuce and a half). So while it's only 4" off the waist, it signifies a huge reduction everywhere else too. And it's apparent that I don't need to blow $30 a month on the gym to do it. I got a pair of Wranglers and a pair of Levis. The Levis win, hands down. And they look equally good with a black pinstripe dress shirt or some layered tees, skater shoes or boots.

Came home and made pasta and salad for dinner, and showed the kids a favorite from my adolescence: The Beastmaster. Tanya Roberts nude bathing scene is just one of those pivotal moments in the life of this red-blooded American (former) teen. Of course, my kids just joked through most of it: "BOOBIES!" "I will call you... Brad." "I am Dar. I must go and shave my chest... WITH MY SWORD!" That kind of thing. I get a full-on MST3K experience when I watch anything remotely cheesy with my kids. Thank God they know proper theater etiquette when we go out.

Watched the featurette on the DVD afterwards. Tanya Roberts and Marc Singer still look awesome. Tanya maybe a bit more awesome than Marc. But then I'm wired to think that way.

Did laundry. Got the kids to do their chores. Cleaned the guinea pig cage. Got both kids showered. Monitored Kayleigh as she succeeded in shaving her legs. Folded said laundry. Tucked the kids in (and K kept marveling at how smooth her legs were - and I reminded her that now she'd have to keep doing it if she wanted to keep 'em smooth). Fell asleep within five minutes of hitting the pillow. Kayleigh burst into my room at 4:30AM from a nightmare (I guess the whole Beastmaster chest shaving thing got to her). Put her back in her own bed at dawn, and crashed until 7:30. Awoke with a relationship-related epiphany, and now I feel a bit more at peace.

Looking forward to the weekend. Drinks with the girl and her work friends tonight, an overnight in Ballard, and the dual birthday partay for Dan and me on Saturday. Need to remember to pick up a couple 40s to "pour out for the homeys". Because we're street like that.

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Ali said...

What a day!

Leg shaving = little girl no more. Just another bittersweet parent moment.