Monday, June 23, 2008

Still Standing

Disclaimer: I was waiting until Raechelle got her post up before I posted this, due to her complaining that I was making her look bad with my prompt and plentiful posting (gotta love alliteration). But I just talked to her and she told me to go ahead. She's not going to have time to post until later and "our public is waiting for an update!"

Wow. The weekend was a lot more packed with activity that I thought it would be going in. But here we are, as the title of the post says.

Friday. Raechelle came over from work, bag packed, ready to spring into action... with a hacking cough and no energy. Dropped Tyler at Gavin's and I took my girls to Ann's birthday dinner in U-Village. Doug had brought some T-shirts back for us from his trip to a brew pub in the Sacramento area. And Sam's mom had made a beautiful stained glass panel for Kayleigh to hang in her window, so Doug brought that along.

Dinner was fun; we have plans with Doug & Ann later in the week. We came home, dosed up on NyQuil and went straight to bed.

Saturday. Woke early and got ready for breakfast with Raechelle's godparents. Picked them up at the hotel and drove out to Fisherman's Wharf in Ballard. Great folks - lots of fun. And I think they liked me. Came home and Raechelle took Kayleigh out shoe shopping down in Westwood (she ended up with a pair of flip-flops). I met up with them later at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble and got them frappucinos - how incredibly Seattle of us. We came back and crashed for a bit, then Raechelle and I finally had a productive conversation we'd been putting on hold. Did wonders for me and I daresay it moved some stuff for her too.

We took Kayleigh and headed over to Carol Long's house for a grad party for Caleb. Shandalla had planned this big surprise to-do and a bunch of folks had bailed on her. It was nonetheless successful, and it was good to see old friends. Got to introduce the girlfriend to some of the old skool West Seattleites (some of whom I've known since they were kids themselves). I got several private comments of approval. Feels good to get backup from friends and family. Came home and watched Shag, which I'd never seen. It was cute. Back to bed in prep for day three.

Sunday. Raechelle awoke not feeling like she could handle the planned trip to Bainbridge. She got in the shower and I walked to Starbucks for coffee (because I'm the Best Boyfriend in the World), and that improved her outlook and energy level. Gavin came over to watch the kids (they went out to see Get Smart), and we went out to Dan & Trish's apartment to pick them up. Had breakfast at Shanty, then headed over to the Bainbridge ferry. Had a nice couples expedition to the winery in celebration of Dan completing the Duo pitch and getting it to the financier. Had a tasting of four different varieties, and I have to admit that, although my palate is more attuned to the intricacies of beer, I'm picking up some actual opinions on wine. We picked up half a case of various offerings. I now have a counter-top wine rack in my kitchen. I'm dating a wino. I'm doomed.

We skipped the winery tour, opting to head back to town to drop Dan & Trish at their apartment. They went shopping for cheese and bread and fruit, then came out to the house and we had a little indoor picnic with the first couple episodes of Deadwood, which nobody else had seen (and the topic had come up at breakfast). Gavin brought the kids back (who promptly scattered to the game consoles), and there were introductions and re-introductions. Gavin left (we need to take him to dinner, Raechelle), Dan & Trish left (happy vacation, Dan!), I was feeling that kind of melancholy resignation when I know Raechelle is going to have to go back to her apartment, but was pleasantly surprised when she said she didn't have to go immediately.

I think she likes me.

She finally left at almost 8:30PM. I took Tyler's friend Miles home, had a nice chat with Tyler in the car. Put Kayleigh to bed and took a hot soak in the jet tub before collapsing in bed and realizing that although Raechelle brought her camera everywhere, we snapped not one photo all weekend. How's that for being in the moment?

It's a new week. More plans, more action. I'm surfacing from the stupid flu/cold thing just in time for the sun to return to the Seattle sky, and I'm hoping to reclaim my yard. Lunch plans and dinner plans and happy hour plans and then next weekend with the joint birthday party for Dan & me. It's all charging ahead, take no prisoners...

* * *

We're losing some good ones. George Carlin, we'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

((Ahem)) it's spelled palate (shhh) :-D


tbone said...

Yeah, I know - the spellcheck didn't highlight it and I hadn't had a chance to edit yet. :)

Thanks though - all fixed.

Anonymous said...

I sure am glad I'm not the only mom who corrects their children - go Nancy - it is you, right???

Raechelle's mom

Anonymous said...

Yes, 'tis I. It's that English major compulsion making me do it! Do you think our kids will temper their writing if they know we're reading? (hee hee)

Todd's mom