Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Still Raining

What the hell?? So, summer temps and late winter weather has made my yard into what will be a massive, impenetrable jungle in another week. I really need it to dry out a bit this week so I can mow.

Had lunch with Raechelle at Siam yesterday. Always a good break in the week, and the scenery is much nicer than the view out my office window at home. (Awwwwwwww.)

Got a good portion of my tax stuff done. Having multiple tiny streams of passive income is kind of a pain, but it beats not having them.

The kids now have set chores to do in order to collect their allowance. "You mean we have to work for what we were getting without doing anything?? That sucks!" Yeah. I'm such a meanie.

The kids had never seen Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, so last night we peeped that while we ate our dinner of chicken & broccoli Rice-a-Roni and salad. There may have been fresh Washington cherries involved as well. I love summer.

Tyler had an awesome week last week (as apparent by my lack of incessant bitching in the blog), but he's reverted to his 14yo emo-kid habits this week.

Kayleigh is leaving on a three-day school camping trip to Blake Island and Tillicum Village. She decided last night that she was going to attempt to shave her lower legs using my shaving gel. Kind of an incomplete job, to be sure, but she gave it the old middle school try. Finally gave up and packed for the trip.

Chatted with Raechelle on the phone. Made her laugh until she nearly hacked up a lung. Good times.

Today consists of getting K to school early for the camping trip, a lunch phone meeting with Gigi on the Nobody Knows short, and finishing up the Duo poster for the pitch presentation. Raechelle is coming over after work. We'll get some dinner and then head down to Southcenter, where I have an appointment with a new pair of slacks at Men's Wearhouse. The slacks are to go with the new shirt I got from my mom for my birthday, and I can also get my suit pressed for free while I'm there. Gonna need all options available for the weekend ahead.

The adventure continues...

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