Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Bullets

  • I'm still sick.
  • Less voice than yesterday, due to a prolonged coughing fit late last night, which fortunately was productive.
  • Sad not having my cute nurse here to bring me soup and pet my hair.
  • I'm so tired of coughing, and for maybe not the reason you'd expect; as any guy who has undergone a sports physical will tell you, there's a reason a hernia check includes "turn your head and cough" - the family jewels are intricately tied to the whole diaphragmatic/stomach/respiratory system, and a solid week of coughing can make a guy just a tad sore.
  • Went to the store and re-stocked the chicken soup, fruit juices, fresh lemons for my green tea with honey, and some hard core Vick's 44 cough suppressant.
  • NyQuil is apparently not only a sleep aid/cold medicine; it also has peyote-like dream inducing properties. I had two metric buttloads of bizarre The Serpent and the Rainbow level dreams last night, and I have to admit I'm looking kinda sideways at reality today.
  • Apologies to any friends, family members, school officials or business associates trying to call me today. I have no voice, so everybody's going directly to voicemail - nothing personal.

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