Friday, June 6, 2008

Radio Silence, Maybe

As "my woman" just said in her last blog post, this is a busy weekend for us. I may or may not be able to post for the next couple days, depending. So no promises, except there will be a full download come Monday.

Kayleigh gets back from her camping trip today, and Katherine is coming over to chill with the kiddos while Raechelle and I go on our dinner/comedy concert thing. Last night, Tyler and I had male bonding time in the form of Cup o' Noodles (which Tyler pronounces "noobles") and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, which is probably the world's most expensive 104-minute dick & fart joke. And it's even an *in* joke at that. But we're in the *in*, so it's hilarious to us. Plus there's a monkey. God bless you, Kevin Smith.

I finished the Duo poster (at least the pre-pitch marketing version). It's weird seeing Eric Riedmann and Devielle Johnson standing on the comic page in place of JD & Steve, respectively. But Dan dug the heck out of it, and that bodes well. I like it too - and I'm excited as hell to make this film. After walking so long in the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy, it's really nice to step outside of that and do a romantic comedy. Dan and I already have a John Hughes-esque coming-of-age period piece in mind for later down the line, and I may have mentioned another romantic comedy concept to Raechelle, too. Of course, after the Duo, the next project to pursue is the OA series. I'm thinking screening films at STIFF this weekend will rekindle some gumption to work on the OA series pilot.

Can gumption be un-kindled in the first place? And why does the word "gumption" make me think of a denture adhesive? "Trouble eating that corn on the cob? Try new and improved GUMPTION! For superior long-lasting hold, that's GUMPTION!"

Also, my friend Shawn Telford's film, Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter, is playing at STIFF in the block before Dan Humphrey's Rectify. So we may have to step in a bit earlier on Saturday. Darn.

If Raechelle isn't completely sick of me by the end of the weekend, I daresay that's a good sign.

Have a great weekend, all. Onward.


Raechelle said...

That's gold, Jerry, GOLD!

I almost snorted brown rice outta my nose. That would not have been fun.

Mack said...

good luck with the screening, DUO and the OA pilot. i wish i had your motivation, buddy.